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Dual Peltier Module

The Peltier effect is normally used to pump heat. By combining two Peltier modules in a dual layer, large temperature-differences can be obtained.  As a result, more electricity can be produced more efficiently.

Detailed specification information is here. (Patent is pending)

Seebeck Devices

Seebeck devices are used to generate electricity, in contrast to the Peltier effect.  Peltier effects means, when two different metals or semiconductors connect together and conduct electricity, one gives off cold, while the other gives off heat. In Seebeck effects, on the other hand, electricity is generated by adding different temperature to these disparate materials.  We are developing Seebeck devices capable of generating 1 watts of electric power with 30 degrees C temperature differences.
(Patent pending, collaborated with Ondosa Hatsuden Kenkyu Kai (a research of focusing on Temperature Difference Power Generation))

Magnetic Heat Pump

Magnetic Heat Pump is a heat transfer device making the most use of the features of magnetic fluid. We are developing Magnetic Heat Pump which is capable of transferring heat six times as a copper. Detailed information is here.
(Two patent applications filed, one patent is granted in Japan, the other is pending.
collaborated with The University of Tokyo)