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The figure below shows how we develop our technology. We develop our certified technology by evaluating logically at university and verifying technically at partnership company.

Sponsored Research

Dehumidifier, Seebeck generation unit, EGR cooler, CPU cooler,
EL display equipment and invertor, Natural convector, etc.

Development Theme

Our RHE systems are applicable to variety of fields.
We would like to introduce the examples of our business and research theme.

Usage of geothermy at plant factory

Geothermal power generation drains hot water. We use the drained water for for heating in plant factory.

Biomass power generation and usage of heat

In the first process, dry waste of domestic animals. In the secondary dry process, use natural energy (such as Fresnel sun house) for drying. After that, the hot water which is draind from biomass boiler will be used for RHE and electricity will be generated. Moreover, waste heat can be used for secondary dry process.

Fresnel Sun House

We are developing Fresnel sun house with RIKEN. Polygon sun house collects sunlight, converts to thermal energy, and stors the energy. The reason why we convert light energy to thermal energy is that storing heat is easy. By storing heat, we can generate electricity for the amount of heat storage capacity when it's necessary.
(Figure: Experimental device of polygon sun house)

The link below is the video of simulation of Fresnel sun house.
Fresnel sun house simulator (YouTube)