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Started Oder Acceptance of Small-Sized Rotary Heat Engine (RHE) for Academic Research (4/1/2014)

The system is designed for research institution. It is possible to change the design according to your research purpose.
Time of delivery will be around 4-6 months after receiving order. Manufacture cost depends on the system configuration, so we will provide the estimated price and terms of payment after having meetings on specification.
The figure is a concept image of RHE 1kW system.
(※The specification or shape may be changed without notification.)

System size: W 1,260 D 615 H 1,080 mm
Estimated sales price: 4 million yen (Shipping cost is NOT included)
(2 million yen is paid when its order, lest of the amount is paid when delivered)

CAD data is available from here.